Portugal: Wild Land on the Edge | Monk Seals on the Brink of Extinction | Nature


– [Narrator] The Mediterranean and the coastal waters of North Africa and Western Europe have been as soon as dwelling to a whole lot of hundreds of Mediterranean monk seals.

Lately, simply 300 or so stay.

Over centuries, they have been hunted to the brink of extinction.

A small colony enjoys the safety of the Desertas Grande conservation space.

Meal occasions are adopted by a fast energy nap.

A Mediterranean monk seal can spend as much as quarter-hour beneath the floor earlier than it has to return up for air.

After just a few deep breaths, the seal dives down once more to proceed its afternoon siesta.

(boat engine rumbling) The one people to go to Desertas Grande are the researchers who come annually (water splashing). The group works rapidly because the tide rises.

Cameras that may broadcast for 10 months are put in earlier than the beginning of the mating season.

The monk seals have all the time been impartial creatures.

Their justified concern of people has made them much more shy and cautious, and they’re now hardly ever seen alongside seashores or coastlines, preferring the security of caves.

The cameras are there to look at the seals’ mating habits and to seize a potential inhabitants improve with out in any manner disturbing their topics.

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