Do Warrior 1 Pose (Video Tutorial)

Warrior 1 Pose is a basic standing posture seen in most Vinyasa, Hatha and Ashtanga yoga lessons. It’s one of many major postures within the Solar Salutation B sequence. This standing foundational yoga pose is filled with advantages for the physique and thoughts.

Though Warrior 1 Pose is taken into account a newbie’s pose, discovering correct alignment will proceed to problem even probably the most expertise yoga practitioner.

There are three poses within the Warrior sequence: Warrior 1, Warrior 2, and Warrior 3. Warrior 2 is probably the most generally practiced, and can also be a foundational standing pose. Warrior 3 is a balancing standing pose.

And whereas Warrior 1 and Warrior 2 could look related at first look, the numerous variations between the 2 poses are what it’s best to give attention to on this yoga pose tutorial. There are key postural nuances between Warrior 1 and a couple of, such because the shoulder, hips, and heel alignment.

There’s rather a lot that goes into getting your Warrior 1 Pose arrange appropriately. Learn on for all the main points you want for a secure and highly effective Warrior 1 Pose, in addition to advantages, contraindications, modifications and variations.


Warrior 1 Pose at a Look

Sanskrit Title: Virabhadrasana 1 or Virabhadrasana A
Pronunciation: veer-ah-bah-drahs-anna one
Targets the Physique: Full physique engagement that strengthens and stretches whereas bettering stability and focus
Muscle Teams Concerned: Shoulders, Arms, Backbone, Hip Flexors, Glutes, Quadriceps, Hamstrings
Nuances: Alignment of ft and squaring of hips

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Right here’s Entry Warrior 1 Pose:

  • Begin in Mountain Pose (Tadasana) going through the entrance brief finish of your mat along with your arms in your hips
  • Take a medium measurement step again along with your left foot
  • The step again needs to be large enough that you just really feel a pleasant stretch by the left hip and quad however that the stance feels steady
  • Place your left foot at a couple of 45 diploma angle
  • Press your left heel firmly into the mat
  • Examine the alignment of your hips as your left hip could have moved again while you took your step
  • Rotate your pelvis as wanted by pulling the suitable hip again and left hip ahead till each hip factors are roughly going through the entrance of your mat
  • Elevate by the left knee cap, thigh and quad to straighten your left leg
  • Press down by the large toe and pinkie toe mound of your left foot
  • Elevate gently by the arch of your again foot to stop over-pronation (the place the foot rolls to far inward in the direction of the arch)
  • Bend by the suitable leg
  • Stack your proper knee instantly over your ankle
  • In case your knee extends past your ankle then transfer your entrance foot ahead till the knee stays according to the ankle
  • When you’re prepared, increase your arms overhead along with your palms going through one another
  • Solely elevate the arms as excessive as they will comfortably go earlier than the shoulders elevate an excessive amount of in the direction of the ears or your ribs start to flare
  • Activate your back and front physique core to discover a light but supportive aspect physique lengthening and chest opening
  • Elevate the hip factors and keep size by the tailbone to stop compression within the decrease backbone
  • Launch rigidity although your neck and jaw
  • Gaze (Drishti) both instantly forward at eye stage, or look overhead at your arms
  • As you maintain the pose press equally into each ft and legs
  • Take full and regular breaths all through the period of the pose
  • When you’re prepared, return to Mountain Pose earlier than making an attempt the opposite aspect


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Warrior 1 Pose Advantages

Warrior 1 Pose is filled with advantages.

It’s a multipurpose pose that each stretches and strengthens the physique. The chest, lungs, shoulders, neck, core, backbone and groin all obtain a beautiful stretch whereas doing this pose. The shoulders, arms, thighs, calves and ankles are all strengthened from holding Warrior 1 Pose.

The strengthening and stretching features of Warrior 1 Pose assist enhance your general vary of movement.


Past strengthening and stretching our stability is challenged the longer we maintain the pose. Warrior 1 Pose additionally builds proprioception and physique consciousness, as we activate our again leg with out seeing it. Past the bodily advantages, holding correct alignment on this pose helps to construct focus and a sense of energy.


This pose could put an excessive amount of pressure on the hips, knees, or shoulders if in case you have any accidents to these areas. Elevating the arms overhead mixed with the lengthening of the chest can have an effect on blood stress or bronchial asthma in some people with underlying situations. Being pregnant shifts your heart of gravity ahead which can have an effect on your stability and alignment within the pose.

Proceed slowly and modify as essential for any of those conditions.


Modify Warrior 1

It’s necessary to hear and reply to your physique whereas in Warrior 1 Pose. Retaining an extended stance, sustaining completely impartial hips, or lifting your arms overhead by your ears might not be proper in your physique composition or construction.

Strive these choices to assist modify the pose:

  • To assist discover impartial hips widen your stance by stepping your again leg in the direction of the lengthy aspect of your mat
  • Shorten your stance as a lot as wanted by taking a shorter step again to assist with alignment or stability
  • Preserve your arms in your hips or transfer to prayer at coronary heart heart if lifting your arms overhead causes shoulder discomfort or pinching within the neck
  • Relaxation your arms on a chair, face the wall and press your arms into the wall, or press your again heel right into a wall to offer further assist for balancing on this pose
  • If inserting the again heel on the ground creates an excessive amount of pressure on the hips, ankle, or decrease again take into account substituting this pose with Crescent Lunge Pose (Ashta Chandrasana)



In Ashtanga traditions, the arms are lifted with the palms touching one another. With the arms instantly overhead your gaze shifts to your thumbs. One other widespread entrance into this pose is from Downward Dealing with Canine Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana).

For this entrance, step your proper foot ahead and place it on the bottom between your legs. Along with your inhale you elevate your chest as much as standing as you attain your arms overhead.

Every particular person’s Warrior 1 Pose will look barely totally different. With follow you might be able to lengthen the house between your back and front ft, sq. the hips extra to the entrance of the mat, or bend the entrance knee absolutely to 90 levels.

Closing Info and Ideas for Virabhadrasana 1:

Virabhadrasana is the identify given to a warrior from the Hindu custom. Mentioned to be born out of a lock of Shiva’s hair, Virabhadrasana was created to hunt revenge for the embarrassment and dying of his beloved spouse, Sati. Though particulars of the parable fluctuate between accounts, Virabhadrasana is seen as a fierce and highly effective warrior.

  • As you maintain this pose your entrance knee could start to flare to the suitable or left shedding its alignment over your ankle, peek down at your knee and make any changes to maintain it according to your ankle
  • Typically we focus an excessive amount of on entrance leg and arms and launch our supporting core muscle tissue, examine in along with your core on every exhale to maintain the backbone supported and chest opening secure
  • We are inclined to overlook about our again leg since we cant see it, discover equanimity within the pose by equally activating each legs

Need to study extra yoga poses? Right here is the total on-line Studying Yoga program on YA Courses.

We are able to embody the braveness of a warrior in our personal life as we get up in opposition to our personal private battles. The power and dedication gained by this pose on our mat helps us to bravely face these battles when off the mat.

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