American Arctic | Polar Bears Seek for Scraps in Altering Local weather | Nature


– [Narrator] Years are extra variable now, and polar bears are displaying surprising flexibility.

They seek for smaller prey and scavenge or battle over scraps.

The Arctic Refuge is a secure residence, however there is no such thing as a refuge from the surface world.

It is too sizzling for them.

The July report right here is now 85 levels Fahrenheit.

It is typically hardest for a mom.

Polar bear cubs are born in mid-winter.

This coast is considered one of an important onshore denning areas in North America.

These cubs are nearly two years outdated, however nonetheless want their mom’s milk.

(bears grunting) Polar bears have declined in the southern Beaufort Sea.

There are about half of how many have been right here 35 years in the past.

These are determined occasions.

(machines rumbling) North Alaska has the biggest oil discipline in America.

The bottom at Prudhoe Bay is subsequent to the Arctic Nationwide Wildlife Refuge.

It is a stark reminder of the trigger of the altering seasons.

(machines rumbling) Pipelines lengthen south and cross a number of caribou migration routes.

The polar bears seek for meals throughout land now scarred by oil exploration.

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