4 Tadasana Cues to Elevate your Apply

“The basic posture that governs all postures by its alignment and energetic qualities, is the mountain pose.”  – Duncan Peak 

As lecturers and college students of yoga, it’s all the time useful to return to the basics! And that’s what the pose, Mountain Pose (Tadasana), can train us. 

On this seemingly easy pose, we bodily floor down, whereas energetically lifting upwards. We interact the muscular tissues round our joints for stability and energy, and we carry our consideration to the most straightforward factor of all – our breath. 

Why would we need to create Tadasana alignment in each pose? By partaking our muscular tissues in the way in which that Tadasana teaches us, we are able to expertise the total advantages of our poses. We create extra energy, extra stability, and extra vibrancy, regardless of the form we take and regardless of how “superior” or “fundamental” the expression of the pose is. 

Listed here are 4 important Tadasana cues that you could concentrate on in any pose you come into! You’ll typically hear these cues all through your Vinyasa yoga apply, so right here’s a better have a look at them: 



Each pose begins with our toes, so if the muse isn’t robust, we are able to’t count on the remainder of the pose to really feel balanced! By grounding down into all 4 corners of the toes, we start to stabilise (or create bandha) across the joints of our ankles and knees, which is able to impression all the pieces else above. 

By grounding into the heel of the foot, we interact the underside of our legs. So in a lunging pose for instance, by grounding into your heel, not simply the ball of your foot, you’ll make your hamstrings be just right for you, not simply your quadriceps. By partaking this easy Tadasana cue at your toes, you might be creating extra energy in each standing pose. 



With our life being so entwined with laptops and our telephones, this alignment cue is extra vital than ever! 

By drawing our internal and outer shoulders again, we activate the interior and exterior rotators of the shoulder joint. By specializing in this shoulder alignment on and off the mat, we are going to strengthen the muscular tissues wanted to maintain our postures uplifted, wholesome and vibrant.



Cues to interact by our core are so vital whether or not we’re arm balancing, again bending, twisting…any form we make on our mat! By drawing our stomach in and up, we create what the yogis name uddiyana bandha. This protects our lumbar backbone (decrease again) by making certain there may be spaciousness in our lumbar joints. 



This cue focuses on lengthening our cervical backbone, giving us spaciousness and safety round our neck. It additionally encourages us to maintain grounding down by our physique, so we are able to maintain lifting as tall as we are able to, creating as a lot house and stability in our backbone as potential. It’s a phenomenal metaphor for all times, not simply on our mats; we floor ourselves so we are able to elevate larger. 

Begin by noticing how even only one Tadasana cue begins to alter how your asana apply feels in your physique. As you study to interact Tadasana in each pose, whereas concurrently maintaining your thoughts anchored to your breath, your yoga apply will evolve to an entire new place.

“This posture governs all different postures, simply as a big mountain does its surrounding panorama. Its important alignment is the premise of aligning all of the poses that we apply. When Mountain Pose is seemed upon on this approach, it makes it simpler for freshmen and likewise superior practitioners to create protected and efficient alignment positioning.” 

– Duncan Peak, Trendy Yogi

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