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Wilmot Unified High School is providing a gym and access to its sporting centers and auditorium to community members.

The high school offers annual, semiannual and quarterly membership plans for its Fitness Center to anyone, regardless of if they are a resident of the Wilmot Unified school district. The district includes Salem, Randall, Twin Lakes, Silver Lake and various townships between and around Wilmot. People can also rent out WUHS’s auditorium, commons area, field house, basketball and tennis courts, and football, soccer, softball and baseball fields.

The new facilities were built with a $39.5 million referendum and took three years to build, Athletic Director Jerry Christiansen said.

“It was built for the community,” Christiansen said. “The community has been able to use the fitness center basically since the day it opened.”

Gyms and fitness facilities are few and far between within the Wilmot Unified school district. Other than a few Snap Fitness locations around the area, residents in the rural part of Kenosha County do not have a lot of options besides driving into the city of Kenosha when it comes to gym memberships.

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“It’s all basically to turn into an all-in-one place for the community to come, because [in the district] we don’t have the fitness equipment, we don’t have a YMCA out here, some of those things that our community wanted. We built something so that everybody can come here,” Christiansen said.

While WUHS built their Fitness Center and updated most of their facilities in 2005, they are very well-kept, and they want to get the facilities on people’s radars, Community Outreach Coordinator Morgan Lees said. The Fitness Center currently has around 60 members, she said.

“We have literally everything in the Fitness (Center), from cardio and weights and machinery,” Lees said.

Christiansen said the facilities the high school offers to its students and its community are some of the best in Wisconsin.

“We hold them up to any school in the state,” Christiansen said.

The Fitness Center offers individual and household membership options, as well as memberships for college students, at varying prices. They offer tours of the Fitness Center during nighttime desk hours, Monday through Friday between 2:45 p.m.-8 p.m.

Those interested in facility rentals can email Christiansen with any questions at

For updates on all upcoming events, athletic and academic camps, Fitness Center updates and more, people can follow the Wilmot Community Outreach Facebook page or Instagram account @wilmotcommunityoutreach.

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