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In 2021, we set out to connect with real people (like you!) seeking to share their #BETHEPROOF stories, aka how they’ve unleashed their limitless potential—with a Bulletproof mindset. We heard stories from a brain cancer survivor, an Air Force vet-turned-rugby champ, a Bachelor embarking on a new chapter and an impactful Peloton instructor, to name just a few. It’s been an incredibly inspiring series to produce. We’re grateful for the deep dives that birthed a compilation of beautiful stories to show both veteran and new Bulletproof consumers what this brand is about, at its very core.

So without further ado, we present 12 reasons for you to #BETHEPROOF. As we enter 2022, let these stories move and motivate you to get on a path to betterment, in whatever form that may take…

Our first blog was penned by Matt Beck. A sensitive soul who encountered family struggles, bouts of depression and a loss of momentum, Matt first discovered Bulletproof Coffee through different podcasts. He began integrating our flagship recipe to fuel his daily routine, which gave him the sustained energy to pursue new life endeavors. From weight loss success to beating brain fog to discovering yoga, Matt feats are numerous. His biggest accomplishment: becoming “The Float Guy.” Today, he and his wife own Float8, two float therapy centers that encourage everyone from parents to athletes to relax, recover and reset.

Matt’s Tip: Want to take the quality fats in Bulletproof Coffee on the go? Melt and blend your Grass-Fed Ghee (or butter) and MCT Oil. Then, freeze them into portioned cubes.

A group of men playing rugby

For a long time, Eric Duechle refused the call to adventure. As a club-level rugby player, he was stuck at his status quo—and in the party scene. Then, exhaustion set in. After falling into a deep depression coupled with overeating and a long-term injury, he hit rock-bottom… and found the strength to pursue a fresh start. He became an award-winning Air Force Flight Commander (notwithstanding a grueling six months in Iraq). The silver lining was an epiphany Eric experienced under a Middle East full moon where he felt the urge to transition out of the Air Force and into Major League Rugby (MLR), the top-level professional rugby league in the US. The result: an inaugural MLR champion!

Eric’s Tip: Incorporate Collagen Protein to help support your bones, skin, tendons and ligaments.†

A silly selfie of a woman with her coffee mug

Molly Marco was a powerhouse of a human. She went full-force at work and gave it her all at CrossFit until she started feeling forgetful and fatigued. It all came to a head one day in 2016. She followed her normal routine: coffee, gym, work. Then, during her lunch break, she stopped at her favorite coffee shop to splurge on a cappuccino. The next thing she knew, she was in an ambulance headed to the ER. After tests on tests, doctors discovered a brain tumor on her temporal lobe. A few months later, Molly had a craniotomy, followed by radiation and a year of chemo. Today, she is stable and living with a low-grade form of cancer. However, she has embraced life’s challenges, maintains a positive outlook and is still 100% coffee-obsessed.

Molly’s TipIntermittent fasting doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy coffee. Go for high-quality Coffee (beans, only!) and take it black.

Tracy Block holding Bulletproof Grass-Fed Ghee and Unflavored Collagen Protein

Surprise! Yours truly is next in line… My story was about my LTR with food. At the beginning of my career, I was a dedicated food critic. But the job of a lifetime didn’t last long. I was plagued with discomfort, fatigue, bloating and an overall negative mind-body experience from all the eats, which resulted in less dining out and more dieting. First, I ditched gluten, then grains, until I became full-blown keto. Once following the keto diet, I adopted fasting and Bulletproof Coffee practices. I could not deny the results of running off fat versus carbs for fuel: mental clarity, increased energy and a new dedication to the kitchen, mastering all the keto cooking and baking hacks! Today, I’m four years into my keto journey and still loving the ride…

Tracy’s Tip: Listen to your cravings and learn how to mindfully indulge. Eat that sugar-free Chocolate Bar, and don’t feel guilty about it!

Pete Weber in Central Park

We tapped former Bachelor star Pete Weber just as he was undergoing a major life change: a cross-country move from California to New York. Nowadays, he’s dedicated to integrating quality fats into his mornings, from MCTs to Grass-Fed Ghee. In addition to elevating his coffee-and-eggs routine, he’s enjoying his new on-the-go lifestyle in the Big Apple, powered by Collagen Protein Bars and Cold Brew Latte. Last we checked, Pete was committed to 20-hour stints of intermittent fasting each day, which offered him a plethora of energy and more productivity in the gym. Back in April, he’d lost 18 pounds and was gunning after another 10.

Pete’s Tip: Break your fast with Dark Chocolate Cold Brew Latte, which provides a great boost of energy and isn’t too heavy to consume.

A collage of the #BETHEPROOF Challenge winners

To continue spreading the news about how to #BETHEPROOF, we set out to find exceptional people to plaster on billboards and share their stories. We discovered Erica Martinez, a frontline nurse who fuels up with Bulletproof Coffee. She also supports her body with Vitamins A-D-K and Zen Mode, which allow her to feel her best during 12-hour shifts on her feet. Michael Chickene is a rock climber and mind-body advocate who supports his adventures with Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bars. Linda Kay Royer relied on supplements to get back on her wellness track and to peak performance levelsl. Venkatesh Thummisetti is multi-talented at finding balance through slacklining, Kendama and Rubik’s Cubes, as well as stillness and breathwork. Melissa Servedio, who lives with diabetes, makes it her mission to relay that you can do anything—no matter who you are!

Challenge Winners’ Tip: Focus on staying positive, practicing self-care, helping others, keeping afloat and showing up!

Bulletproof employee Courtland Graham poses in a pair of large pants

Our Customer Care Operations Supervisor Courtland Graham shared his tale of growing up fat and happy—or so he thought. As an adult, this spiraled into a rollercoaster of ups and downs, paired with an unhealthy lifestyle driven by drinking and fast food consumption, which led to an abyss of mental and emotional drain. It wasn’t until he weighed in at 400 pounds (with a 60-inch waist) that he realized something had to be done. His fitness-minded friends were all about that keto-friendly butter coffee life, so he decided to take the plunge. Courtland’s since ditched a ton of extra inches and swapped his unhealthy binges for a keto-friendly, sugar-free way of eating. He’s finally able to keep up with his kids and is in the best shape of his life.

Courtland’s Tip: When it comes to Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil, start slow and work your way up to avoid stomach upset.

A black and white photo of a woman looking pensive

Kacie Main is an OG Bulletproof follower who is no stranger to the Bulletproof Diet Roadmap. Once she learned to eat in the Green Zone, she graduated to building a supportive supplement stack featuring Coconut Charcoal and NeuroMaster, along with other beneficial adaptogens. She found solace in her fasting practice, which taught her the difference between psychological and physical hunger. Kacie’s now focusing less on being a people pleaser and more on living her best life, from mind and body to emotions and spirit.

Kacie’s Tip: Break away from the mainstream and learn how to set your own terms for your life, like eating only when you are physically hungry!

A black woman in a jacket smiling with wide arms

This indoor cycling all-star wasn’t always a fit extrovert. A change in mindset helped her discover the tools she needed to break out of her shell—and take off the weight (70 pounds!) that was holding her back athletically. However, Tunde is way more driven by her gains than her losses, which is how she is able to shine her positive, bright light. Plus, she views food as fuel, which has changed her eating habits for good.

Tunde’s Tip: For a different twist on a Bulletproof classic, try heating up your Collagen Protein Bar to turn it into a delicious, warm dessert.

Firefighter Michael Garcia

Michael Garcia was a self-proclaimed cookie monster in grade school, which launched his love affair with food. Then, he became a high school offensive lineman who juggled football training and eating, and felt that exercise was the only way to keep pace with his indulgences. By college, life had thrown him other plans. His schooling was cut short and he began work as a gaucho at a Brazilian steakhouse—a foodie dream but a physical nightmare. One morning, Michael stumbled upon his brother adding butter to his coffee. At first, he spit it out. Then, he fell down the quality-fats rabbit hole and gave it a real chance. He felt infinitely better about his life (and life path), and became a personal trainer and a self-defense instructor. He “accidentally” enrolled in an EMT course, which naturally unlocked the door to his firefighting career. Michael still drinks his Bulletproof Coffee every morning.

Michael’s Tip: Bulletproof Coffee is a guide through effortless intermittent fasting periods. Accessing a steady stream of lasting energy is a true game-changer.

A girl doing yoga by the water

When Robin Diamond’s health started deteriorating, she felt down and out. She could no longer go for long runs or enjoy her favorite HIIT and bootcamp classes. She felt lost, so she took a long look at her health and nutrition. After discovering a thyroid issue, Robin wasn’t able to feel like her true self again until committing to a functional doctor who truly heard her. She tightened up her eating and converted to keto, which allowed her to lose weight and find mental clarity. Along the way, she discovered all things Bulletproof, from MCTs to collagen. Following another major life-changing reveal, she underwent a mold detox and sought solace in yoga. Robin’s centering her mind through her flow and is now a certified yoga instructor living the balanced life she worked so hard to manifest.

Robin’s Tip: You don’t have to follow keto to enjoy the Bulletproof lifestyle. Even if you’re not counting carbs, you can still drink Bulletproof Coffee, and integrate Collagen Protein Bars into your daily routine.

Bulletproof CEO Larry Bodner sitting on a bench in the woods with his two dogs

Our final guest blogger of the series was our CEO himself, who dove headfirst into what it means to truly #BETHEPROOF. Larry Bodner’s behind-the-scenes take reveals that as a brand, Bulletproof seeks to unleash everyone’s limitless potential—be it an employee or a consumer. He says we do this through not only a robust product line of wellness products, but via our core values. At Bulletproof, our values range from Compassionate Directness to Intelligent Risk Taking, the latter of which greatly impacts our product innovation model. Limitless potential has its highs and lows, though, and Larry says our brand is only as strong as its people. Sometimes, we face uncomfortable conversations, and the way in which we approach those challenges is critical to who we are. Larry’s advice: Do it all with kindness.

Larry’s Tip: Go for a hike (with dogs!) and let your mind wander in order to prepare for problem solving and strategic reflection. Discover the clarity of thought and mind-body balance that nature can bring.

Even though we’re ready to say sayonara to 2021, that’s no reason to stop working hard to #BETHEPROOF. You, too, can dig deeper and share your uplifting truth with the masses! Follow @bulletproof on social media and keep up with our blog for more inspiring stories.

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