Aktiv Solutions Helps Functional Fitness Thrive at Utah State

Utah State University’s Aggie Recreation Center (ARC) opened in 2015. Since then, functional fitness has only grown.

“Student are using any open space to train and even using traditional weight equipment to create their own unique movement-based workouts,” said Daniel Lawrence, the director of Campus Recreation at Utah State. “We are currently in the process of designing a larger functional fitness space that would enable us to offer small group training and more personalized one-to-one personal training based around functional fitness and movement-based activities.”

One area of the ARC that has held up over time are the Aktiv Solutions’ Gym Rax Storage and Suspension system, located in the functional fitness/group fitness multi-purpose studio and the weight room.

“As the fitness industry has evolved, the Gym Rax has kept up with our student demands as they continue to come up with their own unique workouts to fit their individual needs,” said Lawrence. “We also utilize the Gym Rax system in our group fitness and personal training programs. The Gym Rax provides our instructors the option to take their clients through a program that mimics their everyday real-life movements and activities.”

Below, Lawrence shares more on partnering with Aktiv Solutions through the years and the benefits that have stemmed from the partnership.

Campus Rec Magazine: Over time, as some of your training tools for functional and recovery have changed, how has the Aktiv adjustable storage systems supported these changes?

Daniel Lawrence: With several ways to rearrange the Gym Rax storage and suspension systems, we can creatively alter how to store equipment and utilize the fitness accessories. The Gym Rax system allow us to provide our patrons with more of the equipment they want in a clean, user-friendly environment. Even during COVID-19, we were able to store and provide equipment that was easily cleaned and restocked to keep our patrons active and healthy.

CRM: You have areas for group training and solo use for functional training. Are both important and if so, how?

DL: No matter if our students are participating in our programmed classes or utilizing Gym Rax on their own, everyone can make using Gym Rax and functional fitness fun and part of their everyday workout. One of the most valuable benefits from functional training is that it can greatly decrease the risk of injury in everyday life. We workout using the same movements and functions as we do daily, and when you build these movements into your fitness routine, it greatly decreases unexpected injuries.

CRM: How important is the ARC to the overall health and wellness of your students and faculty?

DL: Our vision for the ARC is to provide diverse recreational programs and services to engage our campus community through “Play, Wellness and Adventure.” It is extremely important to our team to create experiential learning opportunities where recreation can be enjoyed as co-curricular experiences while encouraging our campus community to live a balanced and healthy life.

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