UNDECEMBER launches January 13, 2022 in South Korea, in early 2022 worldwide

Free-to-play action RPG UNDECEMBER will launch for PC, iOS, and Android on January 13, 2022 in South Korea, followed by a worldwide launch in early 2022, publisher LINE Games and developer Needs Games announced. Pre-registration is available now via Steam and the official website.

UNDECEMBER will launch with a battle pass offering in-game items, as well as cosmetic items and convenience features that players can opt to purchase. It will also feature cross-play and controller support, plus an optimized user interface for each platform.

Here is an overview of the game, via LINE Games:

About the World

“Undecember” is a name of a thirteenth month in a calendar of twelve months. With the birth of the thirteenth God “Serpens,” the world of Traum is engulfed in darkness. Players will become “Rune Hunters” to stop the Evil God Serpens from resurrecting, but at the same time face the grim fate that getting rid of Serpens will also bring the demise of the other twelve good gods.


  • Anytime and Anywhere – As a Multiplatform game, UNDECEMBER will support cross-play between mobile and PC.
  • Pleasure of ControlUNDECEMBER values immersive experience and the excitement of control that players will get from playing. There will be no auto-play in UNDECEMBER.
  • Easy and FreeUNDECEMBER offers classless system, in which players will be encouraged to experiment as they farm and craft wide variety of gears and thousands of Rune skill combinations. UNDECEMBER’s character build system will be simple and intuitive, allowing players to build and customize their characters in their own playstyles at ease.

UN-Boxing Test improvements

  • Optimized PC Experience – From the collected feedback from fans, the development team improved UNDECEMBER’s play experience on PC, boosting overall graphic quality and optimizing the user interface design for PC.
  • Improved Manipulation, and Controller Support – For improved manipulation, the camera angle has been modified to zoom out more, offering a larger view. Targeting has become more accurate, and for better fast-paced action, the team increased the overall movement speed and decreased skill cool down.
  • Balance Improvements – Through the test, the developers checked that the in-game Gold consumption was greater than expected, as players experimented with various character builds. After the test, the basic Gold drop rates has been boosted by 193%, and the cost has been decreased by 48% to encourage players to experiment more freely.


  • Campaign Mode – Players will be able to explore up to Act 10 (Episode 2) in the campaign mode when the game launches in South Korea in January 13.
  • Multiplayer ModeUNDECEMBER will offer a wide array of multiplayer contents including co-op modes like “Chaos Dungeon,” where players will team up to clear given missions and earn rewards as they challenge more difficult dungeons. Players can also hunt down imposing bosses in “Raid,” and defend against incoming enemies in “Spire of Barrier.” Competitive player-versus-player modes such as :Crusade of Glory: will also be available at launch, with the “Guild War” content to follow through upcoming updates.

Update Plans

  • Launch SpecUNDECEMBER’s maximum level cap will be level 100, and there will be 240 Runes at launch point. End content “Chaos Dungeon” will have 60 normal dungeons and five boss dungeons, and will open up to 11 tiers.
  • Updates – With updates, UNDECEMBER will introduce new contents such as new Acts, Runes, dungeons, and modes; in due process, UNDECEMBER will also continuously increase the level cap of characters and gears.

Free-to-Play, but NOT Pay-to-Win

UNDECEMBER will be free-to-play, but not pay-to-win. UNDECEMBER will launch with a battle pass offering valuable in-game items, and will present cosmetic items and convenience features that players can choose to purchase.

Watch a new set of videos below.

Online Showcase

Official Trailer

Gameplay Trailer

Main Features: Zodiac

Main Features: Runes

Main Features: Gear

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