I tried the new Army Fitness Test push up variation and my arm muscles are never going to be the same

The U.S. Army just recently revamped its APFT (physical fitness test), the first time in four decades. Some of the more muscle-endurance style exercises have been shunned, and to replace them, soldiers now have to perform three-rep max deadlifts, Standing medicine ball throws and hand-release push-ups, something I wanted to try myself as soon as I learned about its existence.

There is so much to dissect about the APFT; I might have to write another article about how it evolved and why the exercises involved in the new test are better than the ones they replaced. For example, to achieve an “exceptional” score on the test, you used to have to perform 100-plus sit-ups in under two minutes, which is silly because sit-ups are by no means an excellent exercise to measure strength (or endurance, for that matter).

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