5 Fitness Gifts a Top Trainer Is Eyeing This Season

As a fitness trainer and new mom, Jadi Collado knows how important efficiency is in a fitness routine. “My needs and wants in a fitness program completely changed once I became a mom,” Collado says. “I quickly realized that if it didn’t bring me joy or didn’t help simplify my life, I no longer had space or time for it.”

Certified personal trainer and new mom, Jadi Collado, shares five fitness gifts she’s excited about.

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Before giving a workout a coveted spot in her busy schedule, Collado now carefully considers two things: “Am I going to enjoy this?” and “How convenient is this for me?” (A good approach for anyone trying to stick to a regular workout routine.)

“Exercise because you love it, not because it feels like a chore—because Lord knows we already have too many of those,” she says. We asked Collado to share her top five fitness gifts that support those two must-haves: joy and convenience. Here’s what she recommends, whether you’re giving the gift of fitness or looking for some ideas to add to your own wish list.

1. The DB Method

“Squats may seem like an easy exercise, but honestly, it is equally as easy to do them incorrectly,” Collado says. “When your form is off, susceptibility to injury—usually in your lower back and knees—increases.” The DB Method Machine shifts body weight directly into your glutes to help you nail proper squat form with every rep. And—in line with Collado’s love of convenience—it promises to tone your booty in just 10 minutes per day. An adjustable phone and tablet mount make streaming DB Method workout classes easier than ever.

Working your glutes (the largest muscle group in the body) is essential for building functional fitness—aka strength that translates to everyday activities, Collado says. “Squatting is highly regarded as one of the most important functional moves,” she says. One more thing this new mom loves is how easy the Machine is to keep out of the way. “It’s got wheels and folds flat, which makes it easy to store under your bed or couch,” she says.

2. Blogilates Vegan Suede Yoga Mat

Heart in the Clouds Vegan Suede Yoga Mat

“This yoga mat is thick enough that it provides enough cushion for my hands, knees, and feet, but not so thick and big that it’s heavy and bulky to lug around,” Collado says. This durable mat is available in lots of dreamy designs and comes with a matching carrying strap.

“My favorite part is that it is made out of this vegan suede material that actually gets grippier as it gets wet,” Collado says. “Which means there are fewer chances of slipping when doing your favorite yoga moves.”

3. Larq Water Bottle

Lots of us—fitness pros, included—need a little help when it comes to hydrating. “Drinking the recommended daily amount of water for me has always been tough, and though I have greatly improved on this—especially while I was pregnant—I’m not always perfect at it,” she says. Same, girl, same. Her solution: This self-cleaning water bottle.

“I can just keep refilling my bottle and let it work its magic cleaning power on its own,” Collado says. The bottle, which uses UV-C LED light to battle contaminants, is perfect for anyone who’s got enough cleaning to do already—aka it’s perfect for anyone on your list.

4. Beats by Dre Beats Fit Pro

Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Earbuds

Whether you like to jam out to music or listen to podcasts when you sweat, a solid pair of earbuds is basically a motivational fitness tool. These totally wireless earbuds automatically adjust the sound as you turn your head, for a surround-sound-like experience. They also have noise-canceling *and* transparency features, which let you tune out when you want to and tune in briefly when you want to.

Collado also likes the flexible “wingtip” feature that prevents the earbuds from popping out mid workout—an essential, if you ask us.

5. On Cloud Shoes

“I’ve been eyeing these for years,” Collado says. Made of ultra-lightweight foam and breathable, antimicrobial mesh, these everyday sneaks are meant to make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. “What mom doesn’t want that kind of support when going for her morning baby stroll or running errands…or in life in general?” Collado says.

Some other standout features include elastic laces that make it easy to slip the shoes on and off, a molded heel for a snug fit, and energy-return technology to help propel your foot forward with each step. Oh, and they’re available in over a dozen colors, so there’s a match for everyone.

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