New Products That Took 2021 to Another Level

  • When it came to supplements, sugar-free gummy vitamins were the name of the game.
  • After 10 years of celebrating the flagship Bulletproof Coffee recipe, we decided to serve up a quick, convenient alternative.
  • We stepped up our targeted collagen formulations to bring you support for sleep, stress, immune defense and more!

With 2022 right around the corner, it’s time to take a look at what made this year so successful for Bulletproof. Thanks to the combined powers of each and every member of our team, we launched a number of exciting products that cover everything from gummy vitamins to espresso to chocolate bars!

So, let’s take a moment to shine the spotlight on the new offerings we brought to the table in 2021, including nods on some of our personal employee favorites.

Sugar-Free Gummy Vitamins With Nothing to Hide

We’ve gone to great lengths this year to give you the power to build the ultimate gummy vitamin stack. And, we’re particularly proud to feature four new products that include science-backed ingredients and zero sugar, unnecessary fillers or additives.

Craving better quality rest? Sleep Gummies promote relaxation and improved sleep quality thanks to melatonin and GABA. Need some help recovering from tough workouts? Our Turmeric Gummies include a potent blend of turmeric and ginger that work together to support a healthy inflammation response. Plus, our Immune Gummies contain vitamin C, along with functional ingredients like zinc, elderberry and echinacea to bolster your immunity, which is especially important in the winter months. And if you’re searching for a more efficient way to get your essential daily vitamins, Vitamins A+D+K Gummies are the perfect one-stop, sugar-free shop for bone, heart and immune support.†

In fact, Director of Marketing Marissa Gomes has made them a permanent part of her supplement rotation. “The Vitamin A+D-K Gummies are part of my daily routine that I look forward to!” she says. “They are delicious, so I usually ‘treat’ myself with them after lunch—I love that they provide essential vitamins in a yummy, sugar-free way.”

Collagen Protein for Targeted Support

Bulletproof Collagen products on display

We strive to serve the needs of every consumer, so we stepped up our collagen protein game in 2021 with six products engineered for targeted support. In addition to accessing the building blocks for healthier skin, bones and joints, you can reap the rewards of utilizing collagen formulations specifically designed for other benefits, too.†

For example, while Immune Defense Collagen Protein Packets haven’t been around long, they’re certainly here to stay. This daily supplement includes a high-potency blend of vitamins C, D, and our Custom Immune Blend to create an immune defense powerhouse.†

Meanwhile, show your digestive system some love with Unflavored Gut Health Collagen Protein, which contains probiotics, prebiotics and grass-fed collagen protein to keep your microbiome thriving. Plus, since stress can negatively impact digestion, Stress Relief Collagen Protein can be a great way to reclaim your serenity and help your body achieve relaxation. Made with ashwagandha, magnesium citrate and our Custom Stress Blend, it mixes easily into hot or cold liquids, tastes warm and cozy (Honey Mint for the win!) and supports your body’s ability to stay calm and balanced.†

Speaking of staying calm, Sleep Collagen Protein is a great tool for anyone in search of a more restful snooze. A combination of collagen protein, melatonin, chamomile and magnesium works in sync to help make your bedtime routine more restorative.†

On the other hand, we also have collagen protein offerings aimed at keeping you focused and productive. Whether you opt for Dark Chocolate Energy Collagen Protein or Vanilla Bean Energy Collagen Protein, you can sip confidently knowing you’re feeding your body all nine essential amino acids, a Custom Energy Blend and MCT oil.†

R&D Manager Trey Sanders, one of the masterminds behind Energy Collagen Protein, can personally attest to this sustained fuel resource. “As a parent, it is easier for me to be present and engaged with my kids when I’m not focused on my next energy pick-me-up,” he says. “The Dark Chocolate Energy Collagen Protein tastes delicious and gets me back to action with my elementary schoolers!”†

Supplements With Science-Backed Ingredients

Three bottles of Bulletproof supplements

Sometimes, it’s best to keep things simple. And in the case of these supplements, they contain specific, science-backed ingredients for a purpose.

Magnesium provides an essential vitamin that supports more than 300 critical functions in our body. Since many of us could use more magnesium in our diets, this new-to-2021 product is an easy way to give your nervous system, muscles and bones much-needed support.

In addition, staying at your best involves getting quality rest and recovery. Sleep is a non-habit-forming melatonin supplement that can help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever’s on your to-do list.†

Starting to feel a little run down during the changing of the seasons? Immune Complex provides targeted defense thanks to powerful ingredients like vitamin C, elderberry and an herbal Immunity Blend.†

Copywriter Rebecca Paredes makes sure to leave some room in her suitcase for this product whenever she’s off on her next adventure… “Listen. I like to plan ahead. When I’m traveling or starting to feel blegh, I swear by Immune Complex,” she says. “I can’t plan for everything, but I can plan to give my body what it needs for extra immune support. I used to take vitamin C and elderberry separately, but nobody has time for that. I love that I can get those ingredients AND functional herbs all in one serving. Immune Complex makes me feel like I always have extra backup.”†

Sip on Greatness: Clean, Toxin-Tested Coffee

Bulletproof coffee products

It’s no secret our clean, toxin-tested coffee tastes terrific, soothes the soul and helps jumpstart your day. Luckily for our loyal coffee lovers, we spent significant time behind the scenes to bring you even more delicious ways to enjoy a cup of joe.

Espresso lovers can finally rejoice! Both The Mentalist Espresso Pods and The Original Espresso Pods are now gracing our digital shelves to help kick-start your morning with your favorite type of shot… In addition to being compatible with most Nespresso Original line models, they are compostable. (We care about your fuel source just as much as the environment!)

For hardcore coffee lovers who like to stock up and save, we introduced The Mentalist 2.5-Pound Whole Bean Coffee and The Original 2.5-Pound Whole Bean Coffee. (We’ve got you!)

And of course, we can’t talk about 2021 without recognizing our newest ready-to-drink coffee brewed for the bold! Our Unsweetened Cold Brew Black contains essential B vitamins, 200mg of caffeine and zero sugar. For those seeking a touch of sweetness, Lightly Sweetened Cold Brew Black utilizes stevia for a delicious coffee beverage that’s completely sugar-free.

If you’re still on the fence about getting into the cold brew game, Brand Manager Mariel Koepke’s experience should convince you to take your first sip. “I love the new Bulletproof Cold Brew Black formulations!” she says. “There’s no better way to jumpstart my morning. They give me the mind and body energy I need to be a great mom and kill it at work.”

Creamer to Kick-Start Your Day

All three Bulletproof Creamer tubs next to a cup of coffee

Teamwork makes the dream work, and we took our Creamer launches seriously this year to bring these fat-fueled formulations to life for you! Looking for a new, convenient way to up your Bulletproof Coffee game? We’ve got three!

Our unique Bulletproof Creamers will take your ordinary cup of coffee to another level. Our Original Creamer (one of our best-selling products of the year!) includes grass-fed butter and MCT oil, making it an excellent source of quality fats to launch into your day. Next up: French Vanilla Creamer, which is deliciously sweet AND keto-friendly. Last, but certainly not least, Hazelnut Creamer adds richness and depth to your coffee, and it’s also fantastic in desserts (hazelnut scones, anyone?).

No matter which option you choose, you can’t go wrong with creamers that contain no sugar, unnecessary artificial fillers or junk. Manager of Science and Nutrition Dr. Emily Gonzalez simply can’t begin her morning without it! “I feel like my day cannot start without adding Original Creamer to my decaf coffee,” she says. “Since I can’t tolerate caffeine, I am looking for other ways to support my energy, and Original Creamer does it in such an easy, tasty way. It’s so convenient and fast to add it and mix with a coffee frother when I have two minutes to get to a Zoom meeting!”

Indulge Freely: Sugar-Free Chocolate Bars

A fan of three Bulletproof Chocolate Bars

Finally, our team took care of a critical piece of business: creating a collection of sugar-free chocolate bars that allow you to satisfy your craving for something sweet—without any guilt.

Purists will love the smooth creaminess of our keto-friendly Milk-Style Chocolate Bars. For additional crunch and quality fats, indulge freely on our Almond Milk-Style Chocolate Bars. If you want the ultimate balance of salty and sweet, our Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bars will keep your taste buds engaged with each and every bite.

Either way, carb-conscious chocolate lovers like Content Marketing Manager Tracy Block can now enjoy a treat that’s macro-friendly and sin-free! “Even after four years on the keto diet, I still crave chocolate now and again,” she says. “The Almond Milk-Style Chocolate Bar is my saving grace! It’s the perfect sweet, satiating treat that keeps me on track—without throwing my macros out of whack! Those almond flecks, though…”

The bottom line: It took a ton of work, but we’re proud to have launched a plethora of products in 2021 that cover everything from coffee to creamer to collagen protein. Whether you need targeted immune defense support or you simply want to indulge in a guilt-free chocolate bar, Bulletproof’s got you covered. If you thought this year was great, just wait until you see what we have in store for 2022!

End the year on a giving note! If you’re still searching for the perfect gift for the wellness enthusiast in your life, our fully-loaded holiday gift guide will steer you in the right direction.

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