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New York (AP) — Country music star Kelsea Ballerini had no intentions of starting a new job as an author in 2020. She did plan to tour her new album, “Kelsea” — then the coronavirus pandemic shut down most of the world. As COVID-19 all but stopped the touring industry, the Grammy nominee began to express her feelings through poetry.

“I just kept writing and didn’t worry about the form of verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, tag — whatever. I just kept writing. And I quickly realized that it was kind of coming out as an autobiography of me processing, not only my feelings as of current, but a lot of stuff from growing up,” revealed the star country singer. “It just happened to rhyme because that’s always how I’ve written. And it turned into a book.”

“Feel Your Way Through,” released last month, is a book of poetry which touches on a variety of subjects, including learning to love herself.

“I’ve struggled with body image. I’ve had an eating disorder — all these things that I share in the book. I hope that for anyone reading it that is feeling alone in that journey, they no longer feel that,” said Ballerini, who titled the poem “Kangaroo” after a cruel childhood nickname. “That’s my main reason. But also for me, like selfishly, just to get it out of me and go, ‘Man, here’s some truth-telling that I’ve not told before.’”

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