Get moving with these incredible Withings fitness watch deals

If you’re seeking a basic and affordable watch that can also track your activity, Withings has you covered. These Black Friday Android smartwatch deals will knock the price even lower. While these watches might look ordinary, they can do more than tell time. The Withings Move is already a fairly priced activity tracker, but you can save an extra $20 off for Black Friday. This is one of the cheapest watches you’ll find.

The Withings Move offers just enough features to enhance your wearable experience, but it’s not a full-blown smartwatch, either. With that said, some wearable users prefer to keep things simple and traditional. If that’s you, then you’ll love this Android smartwatch. Normally priced at $70, the Withings Move is on sale for $49.

The Withings Move activity tracker can record numerous workouts, including walks, runs, swims, and more. Your device will also tell you the distance traveled and calories burned. When you wake up, you can review your sleep patterns. You’ll also receive a sleep score that accounts for your sleep cycles, depth, interruptions, and regularity.

Get fit with these Withings fitness watch deals

Withings Move

If you appreciate the traditional aesthetic of an analog watch but you still want some neat features, the Withings Move is for you. It’s waterproof and will automatically track your activities as well as monitor your sleep patterns.

$49 at Best Buy

Withings Activite Pop

Withings Activité Pop

When you need a basic watch with fitness tracking features, look no further than the Withings Activité Pop. It comes in a sleek stainless steel case so you won’t have to compromise your sense of style. It can also track your activity and sleep.

$48 at Walmart

Some other features include wake-up mode with a silent alarm, a water-resistant design, and 18-month battery life. There’s a convenient side button that you can use to launch a workout. The Withings Move is a fitness tracker that allows you to personalize your style with several color options, including Black, Blue, Coral, and more. The plastic case is lightweight, which is great for fitness fans.

Another device to consider is the Withings Move Activité Pop activity tracker. Normally priced around $89, the Withings Activité Pop is on sale for $48. It looks a lot like the Withings Move, but there are a few differences. The color options for the Withings Move Activité Pop are Shark Grey, Bright Azure, and Wild Sand. It comes in a stainless steel case with PVD coating, so it’s slightly heavier than the Withings Move. The battery in this tracker will last for 8 months. It also has activity/sleep tracking, 5 ATM water resistance, and a silent alarm.

If you’re looking for the best Black Friday fitness tracker deals but you’re still not sure what you need from your device, the Withings Move or the Withings Move Activité Pop are both great starting points. They may not be the most advanced fitness smartwatches, but you won’t beat the price or simplicity.

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