Dubai 30×30: Galadari Fitness Challenge ends in style – News

Galadari Brothers powers its way to the top of the leader board — ranking in the top 10 out of 600 participating companies

Mohammed Galadari, Co-Chairman of Galadari Brothers, with the winners of the group’s Fitness Challenge held at GEMS Modern Academy in Dubai on Saturday.

By SM Ayaz Zakir

Published: Mon 29 Nov 2021, 12:20 AM

The Dubai Fitness Challenge saw the close of its 5th successful edition on November 27, after 30 days of gearing the city towards a more active lifestyle.

Every year, Galadari Brothers has featured among the first few corporates to accept the challenge with great enthusiasm — and 2021 was no different. What’s more, with well-organised fitness events and daily sessions, the group also powered its way to the top of the leader board this year — ranking in the top 10 out of 600 participating companies.

In addition to regular 30-minute sessions that included yoga, high-intensity interval training and other workout sessions by professional trainers, events organised over the weekend celebrated fitness on a larger scale.

A number of games were also held by the Galadari Brothers Group, during which employees competed with each other in a variety of sporting activities. The Galadari Fitness Challenge started with a fun run on October 29 with over 250 people participating on the first day. A total of six teams participated in athletic and track events, indoor football, basketball, cricket, volleyball, badminton, swimming and tug-of-war.

Mohammed Galadari, Co-Chairman of Galadari Brothers, said that the group is proud to be in the ‘Top 10 fittest companies’ in Dubai. “Yet another fitness challenge comes to end. We at Galadari Brothers encourage every employee to stay fit and have enduring fitness goals for themselves.”

“Fitness routines were given priority not only by employees, but by the management of the company too. It has been a fantastic month at Galadari Brothers,” said Mohamed Yahya Kazi Meeran, Director and Group CEO, Galadari Brothers.

“I am pleased to see a high turnout by employees and their willingness to be in shape. At Galadari Brothers, we have given priority to fitness and health. I believe that everyone at the group will continue with the fitness routine of 30 minutes a day — even after the challenge,” he added.

Galadari Heavy Equipment Division bagged the first prize in indoor football, tug-of-war, and volleyball — with the final match being held at GEMS Modern Academy.

Meanwhile, the Galadari Automobiles Division managed to secure the first place in cricket at the same venue.

The Galadari Food and Beverage Division scooped up top scores in basketball, swimming and tug-of-war for women. They also obtained the first place in the Galadari Fitness Challenge with a score of 1,320.

The Automotive Division managed to secure the second place with 700 points, while the third spot was bagged by the Media and Industrial Divisions with 670 points.

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