The best Black Friday deals on smartwatches and fitness trackers

The state of wearables on Android is a little weird right now. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic are still the only devices running the new-and-improved Wear OS 3 — even new, premium options from Wear OS stalwarts like Fossil and Mobvoi are rocking older builds.

That means that for most people, Samsung’s newest Wear OS watches are just about the only ones worth considering right now — though Fitbit also makes some compelling non-Wear OS options, not to mention the likes of Garmin. Thankfully, there are Black Friday discounts on both Watch4 models, a whole bunch of Fitbits, and more.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 ($50 off)


The Galaxy Watch4 is the Wear OS watch to buy right now. With great performance, a crisp, 60Hz display, all-day-and-then-some battery life, and Wear OS 3, there aren’t many other Android wearables that can hold a candle to it. At $50 off for Black Friday, you can get one starting at $200.


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Fossil Gen 6 ($90+ off)

Fossil Gen 6 on wrist

Fossil’s recent Gen 6 watches are still on Wear OS 2, but they’re slated to get Wear OS 3 sometime in the coming year. They’ve got Qualcomm’s newest Wear 4100+ chips, too, so they’re about as quick as a Wear OS 2-based watch can be right now. At full price — $299 to $319 — they’re not a very good bargain, but today, several models are $90 or more off.Buy at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic ($50 off)

You can think of the Watch4 Classic as a slightly fancier Watch4. Its case is steel rather than aluminum, it’s styled to look more like a traditional watch, and it’s got the rotating bezel longtime Samsung wearable fans love. Performance, display quality, and battery life are identical, though, so you’re mostly paying for the styling. It’s $50 off right now, too, starting at $300.Buy at Amazon

Fitbit Sense ($100 off)

The Fitbit Sense is Fitbit’s highest-end smartwatch. It does all the normal Fitbit stuff, plus it measures your blood oxygen saturation while you sleep and can (supposedly) measure your stress levels by detecting electrical activity in your skin. That last part’s always sounded fishy to us, but it’s still a solid fitness watch. You can grab one for $200 right now.Buy at Amazon

Fitbit Versa 3 ($50 off)

If you don’t care about the Sense’s EDA stress measurements (and who could blame you), the Versa 3 may be more your speed. It’s the same design and does almost all the same stuff, but the watch’s case is aluminum instead of stainless steel. For that small concession, you’ll save a little cash: the Versa 3 is currently $180, $50 off its normal price.Buy at Amazon

Fitbit Charge 5 ($50 off)


We weren’t particularly wowed by the Fitbit Charge 5: its $180 MSRP is steep for a fitness tracker. But at $130, its superb battery life and pleasant OLED display start to look a lot more appealing. It’s also pretty great at, well, tracking your fitness.Buy at Amazon

Skagen Jorn HR ($59 off)

The Skagen Jorn HR is a hybrid smartwatch, with physical hands over a low-power e-ink display. That means it can’t do as much as other smartwatches, but it still tracks activity and delivers notifications. It also has incredible battery life: up to two weeks on a charge, in our experience. At $136, it’s $59 off.

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Fitbit Luxe ($50 off)

The Fitbit Luxe is Fitbit’s fashion-oriented tracker. The tracker itself comes in black, silver, and gold finishes, and Fitbit sells a number of flashy bands for it (like this $100 chain bracelet band). But functionally, it’s standard fare as far as Fitbits go, and right now, you can get it for a hundred bucks.

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Garmin Forerunner 245 ($100 off)


They might not make sense for most people, but serious runners love Garmin’s smartwatches. They’re built around running with built-in GPS, advanced fitness tracking, and batteries that just won’t quit. The Forerunner 245 is a couple years old, but at $200, it’s a full $100 off for Black Friday — a historically significant discount.

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