Goals and Highlights: Mexico 1-2 Canada in World Cup Qualifiers 2022 | 11/16/2021

11:18 PM31 minutes ago

Goals and Highlights

11:08 PM40 minutes ago


It’s over! Canada beats Mexico for the first time.

11:05 PM43 minutes ago


The goalkeeper again! Córdova doesn’t finish well and the goalkeeper prevents another equalizer.

11:03 PMan hour ago


Goalkeeper! Borjen saves the ball on the line and avoids the equalizer.

11:00 PMan hour ago


Goal, goal, goal for Mexico! After Corona’s cross, Herrera appeared inside to head the ball into the back of the net.

10:57 PMan hour ago


Gallardo’s cross ends up being cut by goalkeeper Borjan.

10:55 PMan hour ago


Mexico seeks to generate danger looking for the first, but fails to reach dangerously.

10:46 PMan hour ago


A dangerous shot by Jiménez, but the ball ended up going over the goal.

10:44 PMan hour ago


Cambio de Mexico. Andrés Guardado replaces Edson Álvarez.

10:43 PMan hour ago


Canada change. Cyle Laryn is replaced by Jonathan David.

10:40 PMan hour ago


Alvarado’s cross, but Laryn ends up deflecting the ball.

10:36 PMan hour ago


Gallardo’s cross, but Alvarado fails to make the right contact.

10:29 PMan hour ago


Mexico makes a substitution. Orbelin Pineda is replaced by Sebastián Córdova.

10:29 PMan hour ago


Alvarado’s cross is headed by Alvarado, but the ball ends up in the goalkeeper’s hands.

10:22 PMan hour ago


Goal, goal, goal for Canada! Laryn finishes off the free kick and increases the lead.

10:17 PM2 hours ago


The second half gets underway in Edmonton.

10:17 PM2 hours ago


Mexico changes. Roberto Alvarado and Jesús Corona are replaced by Hirving Lozano and Julio Domínguez.

9:57 PM2 hours ago


First half ends, Canada wins by the margin

9:55 PM2 hours ago


Goal, goal, goal for Canada! Ochoa saves a shot, but the ball drifts wide and Larin smashes it home to open the scoring.

9:51 PM2 hours ago


Mexico looks for the first, but they are not able to define correctly.

9:45 PM2 hours ago


Change from Canada. Steven Vitória replaces Doneil Henry.

9:44 PM2 hours ago


Buchanan arrived with danger, but Ochoa made a great save to keep Canada from shooting.

9:40 PM2 hours ago


Close to Mexico! Jorge Sanchez sent in a cross, but the home defense prevented it from creating danger and a good opportunity was missed.

9:34 PM2 hours ago


Gallardo’s dangerous cross, but the ball ended up in Borjan’s hands.

9:29 PM2 hours ago


Good save by Ochoa, preventing Canada’s offense from shooting at goal.

9:28 PM2 hours ago


A filtered ball is send to Lozano, but the latter fails to get there.

9:24 PM2 hours ago


Mexico and Canada try, but neither manages to reach and generate danger in the opponent’s area.

9:15 PM3 hours ago


The match started off quite difficult for both teams, and they were unable to generate any danger.

9:07 PM3 hours ago


Canada-Mexico match gets under way

8:59 PM3 hours ago

Canada: LineUp

Hutchinson, Borjan, Johnston, Adekugbe, Miller, Eustáquio, Buchanan, Hnery, Larin, Davies, Laryea

8:58 PM3 hours ago

Mexico: LineUp

G. Ochoa; J. Gallardo, N. Araujo, J. Vásquez, J. Domínguez, J. Sánchez; E. Álvarez, H. Herrera; O. Pineda, H. Lozano, R. Jiménez

8:56 PM3 hours ago

To warm up

Both teams will be looking to practice before the match and warm up to get ready for the final match of this FIFA matchday.

8:51 PM3 hours ago

They are present

The Canadians, led by John Herdman, are also already in Edmonton and will be looking to take advantage of the weather and defeat the Mexicans.

8:46 PM3 hours ago

They arrived

Mexico is already present in the Commonwealth; Martino’s team will be looking for a return to victory against Canada.

8:36 PM3 hours ago

Watch out for this player

Orbelín Pineda is the one the Canadian saga needs to pay special attention to. The midfielder is the best player on the field in terms of ball distribution and has four goals to his name.

8:31 PM3 hours ago

What a challenge!

8:26 PM3 hours ago

Duel history

There have been 13 matches between these teams, 9 wins for Mexico and 4 draws; Canada has not been victorious on any occasion.

8:21 PM3 hours ago

Great challenge

John Herdman spoke about the weather conditions: “I think the field has been a challenge for both games, but that’s not going to matter when we are playing Mexico because it will be a war, they are coming with everything, both teams want to finish first in the group at the end of the year, this is the CONCACAF championship and they are historically the best team and it’s a great opportunity for our team, for our country to step up and make a statement”.

8:16 PM4 hours ago

Good evening!

Welcome to the coverage of the match between Mexico and Canada corresponding to the eighth day of this final round. We will shortly share with you the confirmed lineups, as well as the most relevant information about this match.

8:11 PM4 hours ago

It gets complicated

The duel between Canada and Mexico will have an extra ingredient that will make the game more difficult for the Mexicans; the temperature will be a key factor, as very low temperatures are expected, in addition to the snow.

8:06 PM4 hours ago

He already knows the way

John Herdman spoke prior to this match: “The United States showed us the way, they have three wins in a row against Mexico, that kind of players and that kind of mentality have done a great job. The U.S. coach and I talked about our work and we’ve learned from that. We have a wounded warrior, they are going to come and challenge us with the best they have, but we are ready for this fight”.

8:01 PM4 hours ago

Causes casualty

Center back Héctor Moreno could not be available for this match. Despite working out in double sessions in order to recover, the Monterrey player ended up being out for this match.

7:56 PM4 hours ago

Stay tuned for the Canada vs Mexico live stream

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Canada vs Mexico live, as well as the latest information from Commonwealth Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live online coverage of the match on VAVEL.

7:51 PM4 hours ago

How to watch Canada vs Mexico Live Stream on TV and Online?

7:46 PM4 hours ago

What time is the Canada vs Mexico CONCACAF Qualifying match?

7:41 PM4 hours ago

Mexico Statements

Gerardo Martino spoke ahead of the match against Canada: “No (thinking about resigning). It’s the first game we’ve lost in the qualifiers, the team is still in the top places, we only lost the lead on goal difference. The truth is that recognizing that I lead the national team implies wear and tear, I have known it for 25 years, so no, there is nothing that modifies the reasons for which one could resign, it is not due to the wear and tear or not due to the wear and tear of playing elimination matches”.

“The reasons for a resignation have to do fundamentally with the decline in the team’s performance and lack of response of the players to what the coach and the coaching staff require, none of that happens to us, the other day we played the first half more than correct and we should have won it in that first half”. 

“The reality is that we have gone in performance from better to worse. We started 2019 and part of 2020 well, it cost us the inactivity due to pandemic, and from June until now we have not been able to see a team that has completed high performance matches. We have not been the team we could see in 2019. There is a lot of work ahead, beyond the fact that times are getting shorter.”

“It is not easy to maintain the intensity, especially because of the pace of the match in the first half. There are players who are too important to do without. The U.S. can sustain a high level of intensity with any team, but it’s true that with the intensity matched we could have opened the scoring earlier.”

“Until last dates the team had 14 out of 18 having played half of them away, we closed the first round with a painful defeat that was with the United States, but we cannot think that because of a lost first game we have to be careful, neither should we expect that after seven games played and only one lost we are at the bottom of the abyss.”

“What I believe is that those of us who conduct soccer and those who play it operate on a different path than the path of the press, we do not train according to the expressions of the press, we do not play depending on the expressions of the press, we are not more or less demanded by the expressions of the press, we simply do our job. We try to do our best, we try to win each of the matches we have ahead of us, but we are not completely oblivious to what is happening around us, nor are we permanently pending of what may be said, especially because of this”. 

7:36 PM4 hours ago

Will their place go up?

7:31 PM4 hours ago

Making it three out of three

7:26 PM4 hours ago

The match will be played at the Commonwealth Stadium.

The Canada vs. Mexico match will be played at Commonwealth Stadium, located in Edmonton, Canada. The stadium has a capacity of 60,081 people.

7:21 PM4 hours ago

Welcome to’s coverage of the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers match: Canada vs Mexico Live Updates!

My name is Lore Solórzano and I’ll be your host for this game. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, score updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL.

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