Demon Slayer Teams Up With Airline for Decorated Planes, In-Flight Entertainment

Demon Slayer soars to new heights as the popular shonen anime and manga franchise announces a partnership with Japan’s ANA airlines.

Demon Slayer fans can make their next pan-Pacific flight a little more bearable thanks to a new partnership between Japanese airline ANA and the popular Shonen Jump series.

The new collaboration was announced on ANA‘s official website, which showed off some of the anime-themed goodies that are coming to the airline in the near future. The most noticeable part of the collaboration will be a jet liner whose exterior will be graced with a massive image of Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu and Inosuke on one side and a beautiful illustration of Tanjiro utilizing his Water Breathing abilities on the other. The Demon Slayer-themed liveries will only be applied to a single plane within ANA’s fleet, and the airline company has yet to announce what routes the themed plane will cover.

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Fans on all of ANA’s flights this winter will still be able to enjoy Demon Slayer themed cups and menko pieces decorated with art of the show’s characters. Menko is a traditional Japanese game played with circular cards made of thick paper, similar to pog caps that were briefly popular in the United States in the ’90s. Two menko will be given to all children with a ticket, with a total of 18 to collect. All 26 episodes of the Demon Slayer anime’s first season will be available to watch on ANA’s in-flight entertainment system, and the series’ soundtrack will also be available for streaming.

The Demon Slayer bonuses will appear on all ANA flights beginning in December, while the fully decked out Demon Slayer plane will launch in January.

The partnership is being done in part to promote the Demon Slayer anime’s second season, which premiered last month with an all-new episode focused on the fan-favorite Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku. While most of the following six episodes were a retelling of the story that was already featured in the 2020 movie Mugen Train, the TV version of the arc will feature 70 newly animated scenes from studio Ufotable to entice fans into giving the arc another rewatch.  The anime will soon begin airing all new content with the premiere of Entertainment District arc this December. The arc adapts one of the most acclaimed parts of Koyoharu Gotouge’s original manga and focuses on the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui, as he is joined by Tanjiro and company in his investigation of possible demon-related activity within a city’s seedy red light district. The arc will apparently comprise the remaining 11 episodes in the show’s second season, which is reportedly scheduled to only be 18 episodes long.

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Source: ANA Official Website

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