High school musicals offer weekend entertainment choices

This week, Hays High and Thomas More Prep-Marian Jr./Sr. High are presenting their fall musicals beginning tonight at 7 p.m.

Urinetown, Presented by Hays High School

Hays High is presenting their rendition of Urinetown, a piece originally written in 2001 by Greg Kotis. Urinetown is a satirical parody piece that challenges social structure and corporate greed in a dystopian setting.

Director Alex Underwood describes the play as absurd and hilarious. The decision to produce a show as wild as this one was made not only due to its excellent fit in casting but also as a follow up to the more serious content in their spring production.

“Our spring show was Rent, and it’s a beautiful show but it’s really pretty heavy and serious and this could not be further from that, which is what led us to this show because it’s something that we’re all just kind of craving and needing in our world right now.” Underwood said.

Cladwell, portrayed by Devlyn Jochum, is held captive by rebels in Hays High’s production of Urinetown.

The play centers on a society that goes to extreme measures to solve a severe water shortage. To ensure the crisis is under control, all citizens are required to use public restrooms requiring a fee. The largest corporation holds a monopoly of the town’s facilities and is run by money hungry CEO Caldwell B Cladwell, played by junior Seth Tripp and his right-hand woman Penelope Pennywise played by Shirley Lee.

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